80s Baby Raised In The 90s

Updated on Jun 22, 2012
chartreuse Like An Angel pants - black Glaze boots
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SarahJaneR 's Thoughts:

I’m an 80s baby, raised in the 90s
My style reflects the influences from decades behind me
I adore going thrifting to get that old thing back
And just like H-Town, makes those moments once again a fact

I remember matching floral rompers and classic white Keds
Running around with multicolored beads in our heads
My sister and I lived in a hood with constant entertainment
But we promised that we’d never be a product of our environment

As the 80s moved past me, the 90s hit me real hard
Biggie said it himself, I never knew hip hop would take it this far
From rump-shaking jams to hardcore rhymes
I knew the influence would change be in due time

I still go bananas when I hear a Tupac track
My mom’s ringtone is “Dear Mama” as a matter of fact
And A Tribe Called Quest turned my confidence on
I knew I was “Bonita Applebum” and I had it goin’ on

Janet Jackson from the 80s followed me into the 90s
If I could just get “Rhythm Nation” right, nobody could deny me
And I knew when I was teenager and my mom left the house
That I would throw a party like Kid ‘N’ Play, with a huge crowd

Poetic Justice came out and I was completely mesmerized
I wanted a love like that when I grew up, love pouring through my lips and eyes
Then there was Love Jones and that’s when I realized
I wanted a man to be the blues in my left thigh and the funk in my right

I can’t talk about the 90s without mentioning my boy band infatuation
My love for Justin Timberlake was more than just a situation
From 1996 to present day time
I knew one day that boy was gonna be mine

It’s safe to say being and 80s baby exposed me to some thing
But the 90s is what has influenced my everything
From my style to my poetry to all the other aspects of me
I’m a 80s baby but was raised in the 90s

80s Baby Raised In The 90s by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2012

About The Outfit: These pants are ridiculous. I wore this to work with a black blazer but it was truly too hot, so I ended up not wearing it the entire time at work. The pants are from the regular section in Rainbow, but they definitely have plus size alternatives that aren’t quite as crazy as these. I wanted the pants to be the highlight, so I did a little matchy-matchy to keep from looking too outrageous at work. Oh and let’s talk lipstick: I love bright lipstick, I really do. Some people have given me grief over wearing them but let’s face it: if you don’t have the confidence to rock it, then you’re going to look ridiculous. So, to everyone who thinks outside of the box, rock on!

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Sarah Jane R.

Comments (5)

macrhe on July 03
Fabulous look!!!
Style_Journey on June 22
you rocked those black top and boots dear! l love how your colorful leggings and turban pop out here :D effortless chic! +1xx
Roxx on June 22
lovely outfit, voted!
jehanprouvaire on June 22
great print on your pants and color on your scarf!!
Marella on June 22
Amazing look! +1 and follow!
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