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Updated on Nov 25, 2010
white Converse shoes - navy Hugo Boss jeans - navy Zara men blazer - forest gree
White-converse-shoes-navy-hugo-boss-jeans-navy-zara-men-blazer-forest-gree White-converse-shoes-navy-hugo-boss-jeans-navy-zara-men-blazer-forest-gree
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londondude 's Thoughts:

Well, I cannot speak for you guys, but for me, here in London – its bloody cold! I was a bit foolish for not taking a scarf or gloves with me earlier, but we were only popping down the road for a drink. I WAS planning on having like a beer or something, but I needed a hot drink. An Irish coffee was the ideal solution. And boy – was it a much needed scrumptious boost of warmth, caffeine and a hit of whiskey! Yessiree!! My GF settled for a nice soulful hot chocolate, and we just chatted away for like an hour and then went back home, via Sainsbury’s for a spot of groceries.

I find its not so much the general temperature, but the wind. When that gusts over you, it feels like its permeating your bones, and sends this little ‘brrrr’ right through you!

Ok, my outfit. I was intending to mash together a debonair preppy look with a skater kind of vibe. I hope it worked! I wore my new green cashmere cardigan from Jasper Conran, a blue and white polka dot bow tie, and my blazer from Zara Men. The bottom half was the ‘skater dude’ with jeans from Hugo Boss, and a comfy pair of Cons. All in all, it felt a nice blend, and I had fun wearing it. Which, is kind of the main intention of mine.

I thank all of you for the lovely comments and feedback for my last posts, and I will now disappear and check out some of your own. I brought some really interesting herbal tea, popcorn flavour….its actually rather tasty. I am going to brew one up now!

Peace, love and warm regards to all of you!

Until next time,

Rob x

Comments (32)

hazhench on February 05
4everUSMC on January 23
Awe...I remember reading this post with all the assorted teas...Speaking of which, take care of your post-surgical "ouches"...Tea is not good for it. Regardless, think of good times with Adorable Fashion!>Have a great weekend, old-friend! Later-gater!~Cin
JAELA on December 21
Very Nice....Smooth
layla3511 on December 09
Damn Papa, You lookin good!
RockyWong on January 22
StylePantry on December 07
Wow, I missed this post. Faving. Love it too much
4everUSMC on January 23
You guys rock!
violetheart on December 07
faved this! i love the blazer with the converse!
angiekje on December 05
I LOVE that blazer with the green!! such fab colors :D it's bloody cold in belgium too... going to London at the ending of January :D yeey!
cherry8888 on December 03
Love your blazer and chucks!
Style_Journey on December 02
it's cold now in my town too :)) chic voted again, dear! can't wait to see your new post <33 xx
Aphrodite on December 01
Ah! I wish my man wears chucks!!! Cool+Smart=CHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WallflowerVintage on December 01
One word: Dapper.
springfiry on November 30
Very smart preppy!
inspirafashion on November 27
love the casual look! esp with the converse shoes and the pretty green. :)
Chof on November 26
SaffronHaze on November 26
Love this look! Great mix of classy, preppy and trendy! I really love that blazer with the green sweater =)
Pink_Champagne on November 26
i love the green sweater and the converse shoes
cityofbugs on November 26
i love the preppy vibe! love the converse, blazer, and bow tie! mmmm that irish coffee sounds so good!
Annachiara on November 26
Loove the blazer :D
lissakahayon on November 25
nice blazer!!!
Redchyna on November 25
So chic, you pulled this look off effortlessly. Love the casual, preppy look.
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on November 25
it`s really cold you`re right, I`m just back from London and I forgot my hat and gloves, was so angry with myself, cold and tube and bus delays!:) Well enough complaining love the outfit, everything looks complete casual yet so classy and chic!love the pop of green!
epithet on November 25
awesome look mate, i will most definitely be stealing this!
MitziBlitz on November 25
Fun look! That shade of green looks great on you, and I love the bowtie and blazer! It's been hovering around 0 degrees C in Eastern Canada for the past week or so as well... brrr! Layering becomes practical, haha. Popcorn tea is so good, I recently tried it for the first time myself!
starryeyed on November 25
Today was 2 degrees you must have been freezing, but stylishly freezing :D I love this look, especially a fan of your bow tie :)
londondude on November 25
HAHA! yep, it was cold. Not quite 2 degrees...but a walk to the restaurant for a hot Irish coffee was the perfect antidote. Next time, a scarf and hat is on the cards though... : )
Style_Journey on November 25
wow, in my country is still too hot for november (l never used my leather jacket so long!) and it's almost impossible for me to think that Christmas is almost here! ;)) l'm so happy you had a lovely time. when the weather is cold, a hot drink is the perfect solution ;) you look adorable and so preppy chic and british looking!! you know how much l loooove that!! absolutely gorgeous color on your
londondude on November 25
Thanks ever so much dear! wow, what a lovely comment (s). I am a complete sucker for the 'proper' English look too, and I love any opportunity to flex that fashion side of me!! So glad you liked it, your last post was adorable! Take care xx
Style_Journey on November 25
sweater and that blazer looks amazing on you!! super cute blue bow tie too and those shoes adds such a relaxed vibe to the whole ensemble! well done, you're damn chic as always, dear!! :D voted for sure <333 xx
VixieVaporous on November 25
I love that blazer and the vest! what a perfect shade of green ...
londondude on November 25
Thanks ever so much!
franloiacono on November 25
I so love your blazer...and bow-tie :D
londondude on November 25
cheers mate! Maybe its still available from Zara Men...?
modgeisha on November 25
So handsome! Love the green sweater with the blazer. Love the casual preppy look!
londondude on November 25
very kind! Thankyou! x
Annebeth on November 25
put some clothes on man, it's FREEZING outside! you do look awesome though, I love a shirt under a v neck sweater!
londondude on November 25
Cheers! well, we didn't go to far, only about 10 mins walk from home to the restaurant, but gee - freezing!!
4everUSMC on November 25
London! Love the look...Competely professional! Did you incorporate the original artistic values of photography yourself? We love you, over here in America! It's Thanksgiving...over here, and we Thank you considerably! Fire it up...We love England!, From...U.S.A...and Cindy!
4everUSMC on November 25
You just made it into...AUDIENCE'S PICK! Yay...We're a team...Yesterday...Me, and now...Today...You! This is great fun! Later, London!
londondude on November 25
Cheers Cin! We love America too, always good to have a good relationship with our allies! Viva UK ~ USA!
JennaStevie on November 25
I love that blazer!! It looks so great, especially with that awesome green color userneath. Great outfit
londondude on November 25
Thank-you! I don't think I will get many more chances to wear it, snow seems to be on its way...
mandigarcia on November 25
cute look! loove the blazer!
londondude on November 25
Thanks! much appreciated!
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