The Jedi Robe.

Updated on Sep 08, 2008
tokyo hat - People are People coat - GU pants - tokyo shoes
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projectrika 's Thoughts:


Depicting the Third World in style baby.
(it’s that Jedi Robe i’m wearing…)

Although no one really wears stuff like this over here (except for the fashionable freaks here, lol).

It’s kind of sad really because not much here wears fedora hats or boots or “Jedi robes” etc and whatnots for casual wear. At least, not people. Again, only for the fashionable few.

It’s like you’re an absolute head turner here if you dress up in something as “fancy” as that, if you wear boots or a fedora hat, blah. I don’t even consider it that. I think THAT is considered simple, casual wear. RIGHT? RIGHT?
Honestly, I’m tired with all the traditional, simple, stereotypical dress ups here.
It’s like everyone here is dressed up in skinny jeans and some vintage top or a tank top, then ballet flats or havis. It’s like…COME ON. Glam up a bit will you? Make it comfortable if you must…BUT make it WORK.
It’s like a CRIME here if i wear something as OUTRAGEOUS as that!
WTF. sob it’s like stop looking or get your own fashion sense. Maybe a nice shirt dress from People or something.


If i could just fix everyone up here, like snap my fingers and their outfits would just automatically sparkle/glam up then Third World we shall be called NO MORE.
I’d be like the Fashion Fairy Godmother and this country would be an Almost Third World.
My mission in life.

NOTE: H&M and Hermes are FINALLY going to grace themselves here in the Philippine shores. So I’m really happy about that. More on H&M than Hermes coz I’m not into expensive bags (FOR NOW. Oh. but wait till i get a job….OH NO. lol).

Now the only thing missing here is IKEA and Disneyland.

…Disneyland, Philippines. Lol. haha. It does have a ring to it, I guess. hahaa. That would be really…..WOAH. haha. lol.

Comments (11)

TropicalTwist on November 12
awesome...i completely agree with ur commentary me, i can relate...wear something slightly different from the "norm" and ppl are bound to start whispering behind ur back lol xx
denisedenies on January 19
cute hat
1234565 on December 31
great photo.
1234565 on December 31
great photo.
mi7esng on September 12
love the jedi robes! where did you buy it? :)
IamME on September 11
I get your point too. I find only verrrry few and rare fashionable people in our country. I do wear the "routine outfit" only when I am not in the mood to dress up. So maybe most people here are not in the mood too. LOLOL..
rainelyn on September 10
i love that long cardigan thingie. i love coming home to manila and shopping because there are SO much more interesting clothes there but it's strange that most people dress the same. love your style.
blackvelvetribbon on September 09
Lovely :)
swigs on September 08
i'm so jealous! H&M heading to the phils?! rarrrr. keep on turning heads, you! two thumbs up :)
chocofusion on September 08
obewan i know i spelt it wrong. may the kgm/s^2 (force) be with you.
classytrash on September 08
your "jedi robe" is fantastic. i've been to the philippines twice & did nothing BUT turn heads. everyone is so casual there which can sometimes be nice when you don't feel like getting dressed & wearing your pajamas out of the house! haha! but i know what you mean. & girl, don't wish for a disneyland/world. i grew up in Orlando, FL where disneyworld is since i was a baby. tourists EVERYWHERE. =(
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