Summer Vision
Sponsored by Transitions® Lenses

It's about to get really sunny out there, and nothing makes a bigger statement than a pair of chic, bold glasses! So whether you're wearing your fashionable eyewear while you're skin is sun-kissed at the beach, or you're rockin' out at a cool outdoor music festival, we want to know:

What's your Summer Vision?

When it comes to your summer look, there's nothing less fashionable than switching between your glasses and sunglasses. Our vision is of you wearing the perfect pair of Transitions® lenses that adapt to YOU. You can't go wrong with lenses that are clear indoors that also adapt to changing light conditions to darken when outdoors!

Transitions® lenses can be paired with nearly any of your favorite designer frames, are comfortable and convenient and are a must-have for forward-looking fashionistas as they block 100% of UVA/UVB rays to protect the eyes for a lifetime. The cool lens technology automatically changes your eyeglass lenses from clear indoors and at night to dark outdoors to reduce glare and eliminate eye fatigue and squinting – and also to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes from wrinkling. Transitions® lenses can be paired with nearly any designer frame, are available in any lens style and material and can be made with virtually any prescription. Regardless of where life takes you, Transitions® lenses are right for you!

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So what outfit are you most excited to wear out in the warm summer sunshine? What's YOUR vision? Transitions® lenses wants to see your favorite summer outfit with a pair of your most fabulous eyewear!

How to enter:
1. Upload a photo of yourself wearing your favorite summer style and a pair of eyewear. Make the style "Summer Vision".
2. In your post, tell us what you envision your summer to be like and tell us how your eyewear complete your summer outfit!
3. Check out the other entries and add any favorites!

Can’t wait to see your Summer Vision!

3 lucky winners will each receive a gift card courtesy of Transitions® Lenses!

1st place - $500 gift card and a free fit*
2nd place - $250 gift card and a free fit*
3rd place - $100 gift card

*A fit includes a free eyewear makeover in which Transitions® will pair the winner’s choice of a favorite designer frame with Transitions® lenses, in their prescription. Transitions® adds a ceiling of $500 for the frame/lenses and that does not include the cost of any associated eye exam.

Note: This contest is only valid for residents living in the U.S. or Canada

This contest runs from June 20, 2011 to July 20, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST. See the Official Rules for more details.
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